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Branta is open again! Our shared office space is small-scale, but airy, spacious and tables not so condensed... i.e. among the others, but staying safe. Visit us and enjoy the workplace! In few days we launch our new web site.

For information in czech language, please switch to the czech version (česká verze webu)​ of this web. We communicate also in french and german language.

Take the advantage of spacious and inspirative open-space office with fix desks, offering freedom and full service, equipped for professional work... meet people but avoid anonymous and strict conditions of other common shared offices. 

Photos and more information: scroll down or see menu upwards.

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Who do we are and why Branta Workspace?

Our name is SALANGA Architekti and we are small scale architecture office, just taking off and accelerating. We love enough space and freedom, this boosts our creative thinking. We were looking for offices that would be on a professional level, and those, that would let us grow in the future. We decided to create a timeless open-space office near Brno city centre and this share with several freelancers or smaller teams. This was the beginning of Branta Workspace. We voted for spacious open-space 77 m2 located on Cejl street 41, very close to the centre of Brno. Also public transport connection is very well (just by the stop Körnerova) and direct entrance from the street. We reconstructed it thoroughly half year. Moreover, we even improve our spaces continuously. Our co-working hub joins a community of active, friendly and good mooded guys, that seek for a concentrated professional work, avoiding big and anonymous co-working centers, but taking profit of shared office community, meeting people, sharing, participating on events for members (sports, leisure, parties, workshops, .. ). Time to time, Branta Workspace team organizes also some events for public.



Every Branta Workspace member obtains his own fix desk according to his choice (from desks that are free at the moment) and ergonomic cosy work chair. Moreover, there are "flying chairs" at disposal for everybody. This may be freely mooved in the open-space, shared not only among members, but also for member´s visitors, clients, co-workers. Go down on this webpage to see what else do we offer to you besides a fix desk...


We endevoured to create such open-space, that would be suitable for concentrated work, but with the opportunity of teamwork and contact with the others. 
From our point of view is Branta Workspace ideal space for freelancers and small teams from IT, computer graphics, webdesign, freelance workers in technical fields (structural engineer, specialist in civil engineering, ...) or even advocate. Important is concordance with the atmosphere of our community, that is friendly, good mooded active and hardworking.



BRANTA WORKSPACE is just at the tram/bus stop Körnerova, that iks one stop from "Malinovského náměstí" (city centre) - ground floor, direct entrance from the street. Car parking along the street is usualy without problem. Nowadays, there is also possibility to rent car parking place in the building (entrance through the gateway in the middle of building), directly from the building owner. We plan to provide bike stands. 

Home: Workspaces


Professional workspace with full service

Explore, what more you get in our space  for 3500 CZK / month (incl. VAT), besides a cosy work chair:

horkovzdušný balon


The space is protected by modern electronic security system. Every member gets his unique entrance code enabling access night and day, no matter if it is holiday or working day.



Stable and fast internet connection at your disposal, for free, via WI-FI or UTP plug by the desk. (It is understood reasonable contemporary "office" usage, including occasional youtube, instagram, facebook etc., this is OK, but not non-stop downloading video, games or some other huge content).

Casual Meeting


We select carefully, with whom we will share our space. This we consider as one of the biggest advantages for whole our co-working community and every our member personally. It is crucial for us, to create a pleasant space with friendly and nice atmosphere, full of mutual confidence and respect. A space, where we´d love to work and have a great time together.



Print/scan/copy on the newest Konica Minolta Bizhub, keenly priced (always cheeper than in copy centers). Members obtain a price list. Paper size up to A3+. You pay monthly depending on your real usage. There is also other office equipment, such as binding machine, stapling machine, cutting machine, ...



All for your professional work: meeting room with 49´´ screen with HDMI conneciton, only for us and Branta members, for your meeting, brainstorming or phone call. Tea kitchen is equiped by modern coffee machine, fridge, microwave oven, jug kettle, dishes, tableware and kitchen utensils.



Matter of course are nice and modern sanitary facilities and ensuring regular cleanup of the whole shared space. Also in this field you may await professional services - the same, as we await for us.

Home: Amenities

Become one of us!

Cejl 509/41, 602 00 Brno

PHONE: + 420 604 868 249

Děkujeme za odeslání!

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